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Valentine’s Day
by ROV
Date: 2/15/2006

We are not even sure if St. Valentine was a real person. Legend tells of two martyrs who shared the same name as well as February 14 as a feast day. One was a Roman priest and physician who was persecuted by Emperor Claudius II Gothicus. The other was a bishop from Terni, Italy, who was also martyred in Rome.

It is difficult to explain how Valentine’s Day came to be known as a day for lovers. Some claim it originated from the ancient Roman fertility festival of Lupercalia held on February 15. Others think the celebration is connected with the mating season of birds.

The day is also associated with Cupid, the Roman god of love and counterpart of the Greek god Eros.

In Greek mythology, he was the son of Aphrodite, the goddess of sexual love and beauty. Cupid was first described as a playful young man shooting arrows of passion. Later, he was portrayed as a mischievous child. During the Hellenistic Period, he degenerated into an infant.

Whatever its origins, Valentine’s Day has become a popular holiday. People wear red and exchange cards to mark the day. Lovers send each other roses and chocolates. Shops and stores are abloom with cut-out hearts and cardboard cupids.

Source: Filway's Philippine Almanac


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