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Over 3 million Filipinos log on to the Internet every day. The number is growing, and online spending has also increased, from P3.2 billion in 2001 to P3.7 billion last year.

For companies requiring an effective way to showcase their products, establishing an online presence is essential. The question is not whether to put products online, but where and how. And if your product requires more than the usual Internet exposure, LibraryLink is a sound choice.

LibraryLink makes it easy for you to find the right customers, and for your customers to find you. In working with our partners we consider every detail in order to ensure your solutions that will reap the best results.

The LibraryLink team provides comprehensive client support-from solution conception to execution, to campaign feedback and evaluation. Every step of the way, we will help get your message across, through innovative strategies based on your needs and our familiarity with the market. If you already have a concept, we can provide the placements.

Partnerships with LibraryLink are not confined to advertisements. Our team has come up with various solutions-designed to attract even the most jaded Netizens-with you in mind. Each solution is tailored to a specific campaign need. Expect your online campaigns to perform better in terms of brand awareness, retention, and recall; text association; and click-through rates. You can count on us, too, to monitor solution effectiveness and provide adjustments as the need arises.

The result: an effective, responsive online presence, made possible by partnerships with LibraryLink.


A well-defined market. If you partner with us, your product will get maximum exposure to your target market. LibraryLink has a way of reaching its intended audience, a sector often missed by other media.

The right audience at the right time. Our patrons are predominantly students and professionals who access our site during school and office hours. You will get to them at this primetime, when they are not within reach of the mainstream media.

A growing community. Librarylink’s growing membership includes some of the largest and most respected educational and information-related institutions in the country. This means simultaneous and unparalleled access to our partners.

Unrivaled partner care. LibraryLink will assist you every step of the way-from conception to execution of the campaign, to placement and post-campaign evaluation. Being born on the Internet, we know the medium and can provide the best solutions to meet your online needs.

Over 50,000 page hits a month. LibraryLink visitors know the importance of our services. When they come to us, they come to you.

Industry acclaim. We think our service is exceptional. The Philippine Web Awards and the Philippine Association of Academic and Research Librarians thought so too, when they awarded LibraryLink as the best educational resource site in 2001, and as the best library program in 2002. We are the best in our field - why settle for less?

Creative, tailor-made solutions. Our online solutions go beyond traditional Internet advertising. We consider each campaign unique, and have developed unique strategies to address every need.

Defined focus. LibraryLink knows its audience, and constantly reinvents itself to provide the best service. Our services and features are customized to satisfy our visitors’ needs.

Increased brand awareness. Visitors to our site know what they want. Higher brand awareness and retention will work to your advantage.

Reduced marketing costs. Business partnerships with LibraryLink do not cost an arm or a leg, unlike other advertising media. Partnering with us, you reduce marketing costs while increasing revenue.

Drive traffic to your own Web site. An effective portal, LibraryLink will direct visitors to your site, increasing traffic in your direction.

Drive traffic to retail location. While LibraryLink does not, at the moment, offer actual access to books, it points to where the books are available. Likewise, it can point to your retail locations. Your customers will know where to get your products.

More efficient customer service. Because LibraryLink patrons have shared interests, more effective approaches to client needs may be applied, and better client and market management will result.

One of a kind service. LibraryLink is the only service of its kind in the country, and one of a few worldwide. We are in a unique, strategic position for partnership.


Cecil I. Ayson
LibraryLink Coordinator
Filipinas Heritage Library
Makati Avenue cor. De La Rosa St.
Makati City
Telephone Number: (+632) 7577117 loc. 36
E-mail Address: AFI FHL LibraryLink

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